Following the ­crane

Germany and Israel are cooperating in the field of environmental education

Everything is connected – this is something that a 
joint German-Israeli nature conservation project called ­“Kranich auf Reisen” (Travelling Crane) aims to prove. People working in the environmental field are being brought together by the German-Israeli Future Forum (DIZF) to focus on ecological, social, cultural and 
econ­omic connections. The crane is their symbol because this bird is not only a subject of nature con­servation, but also concerns sectors such as agriculture and tourism – and also because the crane makes a ­temporary stop in the Hula valley in Israel every year on its journeys south and north.

The new project was launched in July 2016. Ten par­ticipants from the Israeli Society for the Protection of Nature and the German Naturschutzjugend (NAJU) 
are working together in twos. They come from different cultural and social groupings, and during their meetings in the two countries they discuss how very different people can be convinced of the need to 
protect sensitive natural habitats.