Protection for exemplary landscapes

In Germany there are currently 15 areas designated as UNESCO biosphere reserves.

Hans-Peter Merten/The Image Bank - Biosphere Reserves, UNESCO

Marmots and golden eagles are at home in the Berchtesgadener Land region; edelweiss and marsh felwort likewise thrive here exceptionally well. At least as long as their natural environment remains natural. And its status as a “biosphere reserve”, which UNESCO has awarded the region along with 14 others in Germany, is intended to ensure just that. The areas are characterized by their diversity of animal and plant species 
and typical landscape features. In the case of Berchtesgadener Land, Germany’s only alpine biosphere reserve, these include the mountains with their striking beauty – 
and their pressing challenges. How can sustainable tourism succeed here? What kind of future do small-scale farmers in the region have? UNESCO wishes to find the 
answers to questions such as these together with the relevant German states.