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Remember and explain

The House of the Wannsee Conference is now a memorial and educational site. Eighty years ago, the National Socialists planned the murder of European Jews here.
Topic of the week: Looking back at 2021

From Nobel to Leibniz

Researchers from Germany – meet three people who have changed our understanding of ourselves and the world.
Topic of the week: Looking back at 2021

The booster company

Mainz-based start-up Biontech has rapidly become a global player and synonymous with the fight against coronavirus.
Topic of the week: People and media

Thirst for knowledge

The key questions facing research in short, entertaining videos: These three channels from Germany are a must-see.
Topic of the week: Shaping education

Tips for German teachers

Using virtual materials to teach German can be really fun: We present some great German-learning tools for teachers and students.