Jürgen Osterhammel will be honoured in Denver.

It’s all about the grand lines of world history. Jürgen Osterhammel, Professor of Modern History at the University of Konstanz, has followed and brilliantly presented those lines several times already. For example in The Transform­ation of the World, his world history of 
the 19th century. Or in the series he edits with Akira Iriye of Harvard University, 
A History of the World. The Toynbee Prize Foundation, headquartered in Massa­chusetts, will present the 2017 Toynbee Prize, called after the great British universal historian Arnold J. Toynbee, to 
Jürgen Osterhammel. The presentation will take place on 6 January 2017 in the context of the annual meeting of the American Historical Association in Denver.