Germany is one of the top places in the world for research and academic training.

Topic of the week: Building for tomorrow

Building with waste

Some 220 million tonnes of construction waste accumulates every year in Germany – recycling ensures that new buildings can be constructed with this material.
Topic of the week: Building for tomorrow

Building materials of the future

Sustainability is becoming more and more important in the light of the increasing scarcity of raw materials in the construction industry. We report on three innovative building materials of the future.
Topic of the week: Building for tomorrow

Studying sustainable construction

From construction technology to the refurbishment of old buildings: these degree courses teach how buildings should be constructed in the future.
Topic of the week: Women's rights

Studying without men

Technical studies for female students: find out why some universities in Germany offer STEM courses for women only.
North America

“Incredibly exciting”

The astronomer Nora Lützgendorf talks about her work with the James Webb Space Telescope and another spectacular large-scale project.
Jobs for tomorrow

Caring for other people

Careers that will remain sought-after in the future: discover here how important care will be and why a university course can be meaningful.