Germany is one of the top places in the world for research and academic training.

Learn German by game

Learning vocabulary off by heart is so yesterday. Why language learning games are the best way to learn German and which apps we really recommend.

Very close to a vaccine

All over the world, scientists are working flat out to develop a vaccine for Covid-19. Germany is among the front runners with a number of projects.
Topic of the week: Bioeconomy

The Year of the Bioeconomy

The German government aspires to a sustainable market economy without the use of fossil fuels – and the Science Year 2020 aims to help achieve this goal.

Careers in tourism

A career in tourism: these vocational education and degree programmes in Germany will help you get on in the tourism sector.

A cloud for science

In the European Open Science Cloud, researchers can store their data securely and exchange them across borders. We explain how it works.