Germany is one of the top places in the world for research and academic training.

Topic of the week: The German language

In the classroom or online

If you want to learn German, you also have many options during the coronavirus pandemic. Here we introduce you to different offers.
Topic of the week: The German language

"A multilingual society"

In Germany, many children grow up multilingual. The linguist Tanja Rinker explains what parents should pay attention to.

German-African ties

The first time a German city was twinned with a city in Africa was in 1963. We explain how this came about, and how things subsequently developed.
Topic of the week: Museums and museum makers

The museum makers

Humboldt Forum, Senckenberg Museum, Museum Ludwig: Take a look behind the scenes and meet three of the people responsible for major collections.

Remember and explain

The House of the Wannsee Conference is now a memorial and educational site. Eighty years ago, the National Socialists planned the murder of European Jews here.