Exciting fashion twins

Modern, sexy and cool is how Annette and Daniela Felder like things best. The sisters are Germany’s hippest fashion export at the London Fashion Week.

Lots of black, lots of leather, cool twine and a sprinkling of studs or fringes is the style with which the German designer duo Daniela and Annette Felder were particularly successful with rock stars and other celebrities. Popstar Rihanna wears Felder + Felder, as do rock musician Jessie J and actress Gwyneth Paltrow. But the identical twins from Wipperfürth in North Rhine-Westphalia are now highly successful elsewhere: at the start of the London Fashion Week they are presenting their collection for the coming year in their adopted home city.

Recently their creations for autumn/winter 2012 convinced the fashion world. The fashion experts of Vogue revealed that shops have dresses and trousers with photoprints that are inspired by the works of American photographer Ryan McGinley, the Mayan calendar as well as grunge girls and the 1990s. Additional eyecatchers include extra-high-heeled shoes with angular gold-framed wedge heels and plateau soles. If you appear in those with Felder fashions, you are definitely ahead of the pack and extremely hip.

“A charismatic woman who is at ease with herself and the world. Age doesn’t matter. A Felder Felder woman is young at heart and she is a little wild too.” That’s how the designers describe their ideal client and probably themselves a little too. They are in their mid-thirties and have lived in London for ten years. They studied at the renowned Central Saint Martins College, founded the Felder + Felder label in 2007 and have a studio in Notting Hill. They are now well-established in the UK capital and are referred to by the media as “London designers”.

Asked in an interview about the Germans’ worst fashion crime, the Felders answered: “The attitude that you have to play it safe. In London people have the confidence to present a more adventurous appearance.” However, that doesn’t stop the fashion-conscious sisters visiting Germany: “We’re always pleased when we can travel to Germany.”


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