Religious co-operation in Germany

Economic networks, conferences and associations – organisations with a religious background help to shape almost all areas of life in Germany

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German Bishops' Conference

There are currently approximately 5100 bishops serving the Catholic Church around the world. The bishops from all of the German dioceses meet at least once a year at the German Bishops’ Conference. Together, they explore and promote the common pastoral duties of all the bishops and the coordination of Church activities. The assembly enjoys a long tradition and first met in 1848.

German Conference on Islam (DIK)

People of the Muslim faith are a firm pillar and an irreplaceable enrichment to society in the Federal Republic of Germany. Meanwhile approximately five per cent of the Germany's population belong to the Muslim faith. The aim of the German Conference on Islam (DIK) is to promote integration and social cohesion between Muslims and society on a long-term basis.

German Protestant Church Conference

Every two years, thousands of people flock to this religious mega-event, the German Protestant Church Conference (DEKT), to exchange their thoughts and ideas about religious, political and social issues. The DEKT is not an event that is officially organized by the Protestant Church in Germany. It has been meeting as a lay movement every other year in different cities since 1949.

German Catholics' Conference

What topics play a role in the Catholic Church? The German Catholics’ Conference gives believers an opportunity to discuss current political, social and religious issues. Tens of thousands of people from all over Germany meet to pray and talk. A wide variety of different cultural events provides for a heavenly time together.