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Does Germany have a ...?

From the president to the German breakfast table: we answer Google's most frequently asked questions about Germany.

Christina Iglhaut, 01.02.2019
What Internet users want to know about Germany.
What Internet users want to know about Germany. © AaronAmat/istock/Getty Images

Why is Germany called Germany? And is there a German president? People want to know all kinds of things about our country. We have the answers to the most frequently asked Google questions.

Does Germany have a president? 

Yes, the Federal President. He does not rule, but represents the country. That's why he is neutral and stands above the parties. His actual political power, however, is slight. The relationship between the President and the Chancellor is similar to that between the British Queen and the Prime Minister. The Federal Chancellor is the sole head of the Federal Government.

The German Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier.
The German Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier. © dpa

Can Germans understand Dutch? 

German native speakers only occasionally understand Dutch words, so they can’t usually follow entire conversations in Dutch. But sometimes they understand the general context. Germans with a certain dialect (especially from North and Northwest Germany) understand Dutch better.

Why are German roofs so steep? 

Small windows, wooden frames, colourful facades, a steep roof: this is how many houses look in German historic districts. But why not a flat roof? There are many reasons for this. Most important: in areas that have heavy snowfall, flat roofs would collapse under the load. With pitched roofs, the snow slides off. In addition, pitched roofs are important for water catchment. Water is collected in eaves at the end of the roof. In summer, this water is then used for watering flowers.

What do Germans call Germany? 

Germans call their country “Deutschland”. The adjective "German" comes from the Old High German word "diutisc", which means "belonging to the people". It designated the language of the people in distinction to the language of scholars: Latin. “Land“ means “land” in German.

What do Germans eat for breakfast? 

A typical German breakfast starts with a warm drink: coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Next: bread or rolls. With butter, cheese, sausage or jam. Common too are a glass of orange juice and a boiled egg. Children often have cornflakes or cereals.

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