Germany and Europe

Diplomacy, Foreign and Security Policy and the European Union.

Stayed here

The writer María Cecilia Barbetta has found her second home in Germany. Here she tells how it happened.

Myths and realities

Manfred Güllner, the well-known opinion researcher, explains how the “electoral successes” of the right-wing populist AfD should really be assessed.

Ready for the highest post in Europe

Ursula von der Leyen becomes president of the European Commission and the most powerful woman in Europe. Who is she? Where does she come from? What’s her way of thinking? Her biographer tells us.

Day of shame and disgrace

One day after the attack on a synagogue in Halle, Federal President Steinmeier spoke of a "day of shame and disgrace". He called for the fight against right-wing extremism and racial hatred.

Growing together

Stefan was born two years before the fall of the Berlin Wall. Although he grew up in united Germany, he can still see traces of the old division today.