Video: Act a Hool

Hooligans reign in a post-apocalyptic Germany.

Vermächtnisstudie: Act a hool

Director: Serkan Irkan
Production: Leonard Wischhusen
Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF

Germany, 2073. Extreme right-wing hooligans have taken over the country. Values and laws don’t exist; dissidents and migrants are on the run. Jessie, a young woman, is the victim of one such hounding. But then she finds something feared by hooligans and long considered lost: the German Basic Law from 2017; and with it magical powers, allies and a long-overdue lesson.

A view to the Legacy study: In a multicultural society like ours, preserving one’s traditions and values while remaining open to those of others and thus promoting a sense of community is the approach this film draws from the findings of the Legacy study.

People with many different friends find the future less alien. They live happier, more carefree and more successful lives. But what if a powerful mass shuts itself off to heterogeneity; even fights it?

“ACT A HOOL” is cynical, but more topical than ever and, with a filmic slap in the face, calls for attaching greater value to the foundation of the German constitution, namely having the right to be a diverse and free society, with all its benefits.

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