Video: Ferryman

An artist paints a dead child.

Vermächtnisstudie: Ferge

Director: Konstantin Münzel
Production: Julia Franke & David Thibaut
Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF

An old artist lives alone by the sea. One day, he finds a dead child on the beach. He decides to paint it and carries it home.

A view to the Legacy study: How satisfied are we with our lives in general? What do we take with us? What do we leave behind? The question of what comes after death is inscribed in the concept of legacy: inheritance, estate, what is left behind by those who came before and that which we wish to pass on as the future deceased. In “Ferge” this seemingly natural relationship between the generations is turned on its head: The old man is alive, the child dead, a dreadful relation, one that makes us feel powerless yet nonetheless causes us to take action. 

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