Video: Love Letter

The impact of a power cut in a digitized world.

Vermächtnisstudie: Liebesbrief

Director: Marcus Hanisch
Executive producer: Maximilian Becht
German Film and Television Academy Berlin

A girl spends her life exclusively in her digitized apartment. She no longer moves, leaving everyday tasks up to technology. Her sole contact with the outside world is by chats. Here she writes constantly to a guy she has a crush on, but whom she has never met. That is, until a power cut forces her to switch to traditional forms of communication.

A view to the Legacy study: Are we losing a sense for the personal, for closeness and “real” contact in the course of rapid digitization? Will we at some point have forgotten how to write letters? Will we no longer venture outside if it is not necessary? If we can do everything from the convenience of our own home?

This is not only an observation, but also a concern of the Germans, based on the Legacy study interviews. One central point of the study shows that the younger Germans are, the more important real human contact is to them. The rediscovery of analogue contact.

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