Video: Sisyphos Incorporated

“Praise stickers” make colleagues happy. Or do they?

Vermächtnisstudie: Sisyphos

Director: Johannes Dreibach
Executive producer: Marie-Therese Dalke
Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF

Work as a meaningful component: Every day, the young man goes round the office distributing “praise stickers” to his colleagues. This way, at the end of each day everybody knows why they’ve been working and can go home satisfied.

A view to the Legacy study: Sisyphus Incorporated addresses the theme of work. Germans strive for recognition and fulfilment, above all at work. Beyond simply accumulating possessions, they want to work because it gives them some sense of meaning. The Legacy study shows that work is gaining ever more importance in Germans’ lives and even tops the wish for a well-ordered private life. The possible negative implications are particularly interesting here. We must repeatedly question ourselves and the systems we live in, however meaningful and pleasant they may seem.

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