Video: The Pub

At “Otto’s place”, things are not as they seem.

Vermächtnisstudie: Die Kneipe

Director: Tim Dünschede
Producer: Fabian Halbig

University of Television and Film Munich

A small locals’ bar on the edge of town. The usual suspects are sitting on well-used bar stools one Tuesday afternoon. Nothing out of the ordinary – until the door slams against the wall with a loud bang and Adil rushes in. His black hair is dishevelled, his lip bleeding, his jacket torn. He looks around in search of help, catches sight of the old German flag. He takes a step back. But before Frida and her patrons even know what’s happening, three young Nazis storm the pub. They are certain they will find support among the patrons.

But here, people decide for themselves what is right or wrong.

A view to the Legacy study: Multicultural diversity, immigration problems and how Germans approach them are an important and highly topical issue in Germany, one that the Legacy study naturally also addresses. The seemingly “essentially German” locals’ pub as an exciting place to show a country that is “more than just Germany”, because it repeatedly surprises even us.

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