Building bridges over Monument Valley

Political relations are also often a tightrope act. The athletes of "One Inch Dreams" prove that this can still succeed.

Brücken schlagen über dem Monument Valley

With the successful slackline performance "Building Bridges" between two hot-air balloons over Monument Valley, the opening ceremonies of Germany Year USA have come to an end.

High above the iconic rocky landscape of Monument Valley, Niklas Winter of "One Inch Dreams" balances on a slackline between two balloons in the national colors of Germany and the USA. "If you concentrate on the essentials, fears and problems become very small," Winter comments on the secret of his successful stunt. A symbolic start to the Germany Year in the USA. Under the motto "Wonderful Together", more than 1,000 events will contribute to strengthening the ties between our countries. In view of common challenges and the growing division in the societies of both countries, more and stronger bridges are to be built.

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