Deutschland Edition the new e-paper: Fighting corona together

Deutschland Edition: download the magazine as an e-paper – and discover 56 pages on fighting corona together for free.

Deutschland Edition Gemeinsam gegen Corona

Informative, exciting and entertaining, Deutschland Edition magazine reports on the big topics affecting Germany. The current issue deals with the country in the grip of the coronavirus pandemic. Over 56 pages, the articles cover the whole range from new ideas from science and research to the development of a vaccine by the Mainz-based company Biontech to the wave of solidarity in response to the crisis and the fight against its consequences worldwide. In the new issue, get to know many interesting people who are shaping Germany's handling of the pandemic and showing us ways to a better future.

Deutschland Edition Corona 2021 Cover

You can download the Deutschland Edition here:

Deutsche Ausgabe: epaper-Deutschland-Edition-1-2021-DEU

English language: epaper-Deutschland-Edition-1-2021-ENG

Édition française: epaper-Deutschland-Edition-1-2021-FRA

Versione italiana: epaper-Deutschland-Edition-1-2021-ITA

Wydanie w języku polskim: epaper-Deutschland-Edition-1-2021-POL

Edição em português: epaper-Deutschland-Edition-1-2021-POR

Издание на русском языке: epaper-Deutschland-Edition-1-2021-RUS

Edición en español: epaper-Deutschland-Edition-1-2021-SPA

Türkçe baski: epaper-Deutschland-Edition-1-2021-TUR

中文版: epaper-Deutschland-Edition-1-2021-CHI

日本語版: epaper-Deutschland-Edition-1-2021-JAP

اللغة العربية:  Deutschland-Edition-1-2021-ARA.pdf 


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