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Germany and Nordic countries reaffirm support for Ukraine

Federal Chancellor Scholz and the heads of government of Europe’s Nordic countries assure Ukraine of their support against the Russian attack. 

Federal Chancellor Scholz (left) at a press conference with Swedish Prime Minister Kristersson and Danish Prime Minister Frederiksen
Federal Chancellor Scholz (left) with Swedish Prime Minister Kristersson and Danish Prime Minister Frederiksen © pictureAlliance/dpa

Stockholm (dpa) – Germany and the Nordic countries have pledged to continue to supply arms in view of the Russian offensive in north-east Ukraine. “We are united in our support for Ukraine in its defence against the Russian attack,” said Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz at a meeting with the heads of government of Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Iceland in Stockholm, Sweden. “We will continue to support Ukraine – for as long as necessary.” 

Scholz said that since the Russian war of aggression started in February 2022, Germany had supplied or pledged arms to Ukraine with a total value of 28 billion euros. He noted that the military aid provided this year would amount to more than seven billion euros – the largest contribution made by any European country. “We have delivered in the past and we will continue to deliver,” said the Federal Chancellor, referring to the military aid that has already been pledged. 

The Federal Chancellor and the Nordic heads of government emphasised that the EU and NATO states were now more united than ever – something the Russian aggressor had not reckoned with. Scholz said that NATO was now stronger since Finland and Sweden had joined the military alliance, thereby increasing security for all member states.