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Germany is one of the top places in the world for research and academic training.

How knowledge transfer saves lives

German and Israeli doctors are helping set up a cardiology clinic in Tanzania. And they don’t only treat children with heart problems; there is another task that is almost even more important.

Digitally educated

Tablet and internet instead of blackboard and chalk: three good examples of how young people are learning to handle digital media confidently.

Living memory

What does Anne Frank’s fate have to do with hate speech and discrimination? An exhibition makes the connection clear.

The Eight Stages of Learning German

I've noticed that when trying to learn German, many foreigners, myself included, will follow a distinct pattern of eight language learning steps. Or, as is more often the case - eight not language learning steps. Only once we've completed all eight, can we really call ourselves integrated. Below, each of the eight are presented as fictional diary entries.

Learning German Online With Duolingo

No ads, no fees, and a fast and easy language course. It is a program called Duolingo, a company whose innovative business concept keeps it relevant, fun, and free. But the question that inspired Duolingo CEO Luis von Ahn to create the service might not be what you would expect.

So You Want to Be an Artist

The tradition of hands-on training in the arts is alive and well in Germany. Interested in studying visual, performance, or sound arts? Keen to pursue graphic and product design, textiles, or typography? Germany is home to many exceptional art schools.