Arts and Architecture

Current information and background on art and architecture – painting, film, music, literature, theater, museums, Goethe Institute and World Heritage Sites.

Art at every turn

Every five years, Kassel hosts the documenta exhibition of contemporary art. For decades, the cityscape has been dominated by artworks.

Unique world heritage

Magnificent castles, rusty industrial relics, romantic historic town centres and natural beauty worthy of protection – a journey around Germany’s world heritage sites.

In search of 'home'

What does 'home' mean? This question is explored by female artists from Germany and Israel in an exhibition called 'home.frankfurt.telaviv'.

Diversity in music

They play soul, pop, reggae or classical music: we present six musicians with African roots who are popular in Germany.

Music for peace

Benefit concerts, anti-war songs and live performances from Ukrainian bunkers: how German artists and musicians are supporting Ukraine.