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Private radio stations in Germany

This frequency will take you to links to open channels and to public and private radio stations.

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Project Group for the State Media Institutions

Private radio stations are registered and checked by the State Media Institutions.

Free Radios in Germany

Whether it’s “Wüste Welle” (Desert Wave) in Tübingen, Radio Blau (Radio Blue) in Leipzig or Mikrowelle in Recklinghausen (Microwave Recklinghausen), the Internet pages of the Federal Association of Free Radios (BFR – Bundesverband Freier Radios e.V.) are the springboard to such non-commercial radio projects as open channels and citizens’ radio in German-speaking countries.

German Radio and TV Broadcasting Archive

A treasure trove of radio and television history, the German Radio and TV Broadcasting Archive has collected a wide array of sound recordings, TV and radio productions, original recordings of historical events, photos and writings and literature of German radio and television history.

Digital Radio

Radio reception in bits and bytes, with images and text are some of the wonders of Digital Radio, a new international standard for the terrestrial transmission of radio signals.

Association of Private Broadcasting and Telemedia

Working to provide widely varied programming: Service providers in television, radio, telemedia and online services are united in the Association of Private Broadcasting and Telemedia (VPRT). They work together to improve private broadcasting and the electronic communication channels. The VPRT focuses on media law and policies in Germany and Europe in particular.