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Strong support for the Energy Transition

95 percent of Germans support the expansion of renewable energies.

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Germany. The expansion of renewable energies is an important concern for an overwhelming majority of Germans. This is shown by a new representative survey by Kantar Emnid on behalf of the Renewable Energies Agency (AEE). Ninety-five percent of survey respondents rated the expansion of renewables as important to extremely important.

“The survey results demonstrate just how broad-based the social consensus is that supports the Energy Transition in Germany,” says Nils Boenigk, Deputy Managing Director of the AEE. “Ninety-five percent is a clear signal to the incoming Federal government to resolutely push ahead with the expansion of renewable energies.”

What Germans find positive about the Energy Transition

The most important advantages of renewables for people in Germany are future security and climate protection. As such, 75 percent of participants agreed with the statement that renewables contribute to a secure future for our children and grandchildren. Moreover, 72 percent agreed that energy from the sun, wind, biomass, etc. protects the climate.

Questions to clarify

There is less approval regarding the question of financing the expansion of renewable energies. Forty-eight percent of survey participants consider the current monthly contribution, which is included in the cost of electricity as the EEG levy, appropriate, while 37 percent think it is too high. The EEG levy, a surcharge stipulated by the Renewable Energy Sources Act, finances the expansion of renewable energies. The current monthly contribution is 20 Euros per three-person household (annual consumption of 3,500 kilowatt hours).