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Internationally, Germany leads the way in climate protection and is a pioneer in the development of renewable energies.

Germany goes organic

Organic foodstuffs are in great demand. Even discounters are responding to the trend. What do organic farmers do differently? Here’s what.

Climate protection, not coal

Following Germany’s general elections and ahead of the UN Climate Change Conference, Germany is planning to phase out coal. Time is short, but there are still problems to be overcome.

Don’t waste a single drop

Germany is the European champion when it comes to saving water and is supporting projects around the world that are designed to protect this vital resource.

“Greater importance”

Since 2016 an exhibition has been travelling the world informing people about “The German Energiewende – Transforming Germany’s Energy System”.

Take it home with you!

Almost a third of the food produced worldwide is thrown away. The good news is that there are lots of initiatives aimed at saving food from the waste bin.