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Corona crisis: information for travellers from abroad

What are the entry restrictions for your home country? Where can you report if you show symptoms? Here you can find information for travellers in Germany.

Kim Berg, 16.04.2020
german police officer
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Here we answer the most important questions about the Corona crisis, what Germany is doing, how it could affect you, and where you can get information.

Where can I find out about entry restrictions in my home country?

It is best to find out from the embassy of your country. Many foreign embassies in Germany have set up a crisis team to keep their citizens informed about the current situation.

Can I enter Germany without restrictions?

Temporarily, until 15 May 2020, an entry ban applies in Germany and a number of other European countries for non-EU citizens. This entry ban affects all journeys by air or ship with points of departure outside the European Union.

Exemptions apply for citizens of third countries who have long-term rights of residence in an EU country. Citizens of EU member states and their family members are allowed to use Germany for transit journeys. This also applies to people from Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

How can I travel in Germany?

Due to new entry rules in neighbouring countries, the Deutsche Bahn has had to terminate or cancel numerous international train connections. In addition, the Deutsche Bahn is partially restricting its regional traffic due to the lack of passengers. The number of trains is being adjusted to demand.

What German borders have been closed?

Since 16 March, Germany has temporarily closed its borders to travellers from France, Austria, Denmark, Luxembourg and Switzerland who have no valid reason for travel. Commuters can continue to cross the borders with a pass permits. Previous to these measures, a number of Germany’s neighbours had already closed their borders, including Denmark, Poland, the Czech Republic and Austria.

Where can I get help if I show symptoms?

If you suspect you have contracted the corona virus, you can call the following phone numbers and find out more about the next steps:

  • Corona hotline of the Federal Ministry of Health: 030-34 64 65 100
  • Emergency number for the treatment of patients: 0800-011 77 22
  • Emergency medical service: 116 117

Here you can find important information from the Robert Koch Institute on how to behave in dealing with the corona virus.

Here you find important information from the federal foreign office.