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Endurance sports in Germany

Whether you're interesting in running, rowing or dancing - regular exercise will get or keep you fit, slim and happy.

Mann und Frau wandern
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What’s your preference? Power yoga or volleyball? Or water gymnastics or maybe kick boxing? If you’ve decided to do more sports, improve your fitness level and live a healthier life – but you still don’t know what’s right for you or where you can take lessons or classes in your local area, then go to to get some help in making a decision and find a list of important addresses.

Association of German Mountain and Hiking Clubs

From the Allgäu to the Westerwald: every year hundreds of thousands of people hike over hill and vale throughout Germany. The Association of German Mountain and Hiking Clubs (Verband Deutscher Gebirgs- und Wandervereine e.V.) has taken the responsibility for keeping up this healthy tradition by doing such things as processing suggestions for trails or organizing guided hikes.