Other sports in Germany without football

Anyone looking for a new sport to try or a sports club should be sure to take a look here.


Federal Association of German Weightlifters

Of pressing and lifting: weightlifters are the exception among Olympic athletes. Male gold medalists are often spoken of as the “strongest man in the world” – but women prove their strength in this sport as well. The Federal Association of German Weightlifters (Bundesverband Deutscher Gewichtheber e.V., BVDG) can look back upon many Olympic victors of both genders.


German Federation of Powerlifters

Knee bends, bench presses, lifting: the German Federation of Powerlifters (Bundesverband Deutscher Kraftdreikämpfer e.V., BVDK) traditionally strives for Herculean feats.


German Billiards Union

Billiards shouldn’t be shrugged off as pure bar entertainment. The most popular of these are pool billiards, snooker, carom, billiards bowling, Russian billiards and English billiards.


German Bowling Federation

The crucial difference: bowling – as opposed to skittles – is played with ten “pins” rather than nine skittles. And bowling is much more than a simple after-work sport, as can be seen from the list of international competitions on the site of the German Bowling Federation (Deutschen Bowling Union, DBU).


German Bodybuilding and Fitness Association

Shaping strong bodies with weights and machines: the German Bodybuilding and Fitness Association was formed in 1966 and is now Germany’s largest bodybuilding organization and the only national association to belong to the International Federation of Bodybuilders (IFBB), the international umbrella association.


German Bowling Association

On the quest for the “absolute game”: the German Bowling Association (Deutscher Bowling Verband, DBV) pulls off “strike” after “strike” on the Web. Search by search engine and by region – together with its partners the DBV publishes information on German bowling alleys and fees on its website, and lists the year’s most important tournaments.

German Dart Association

“Good Darts!” In Germany the sport with the three projectiles has only just begun to develop into a competitive sport in recent decades. Since 1982 the German Dart Association (Deutscher Dart Verband, DDV) has represented the interests of the dart players.


German Skittles Association

Strike! Many beginners to skittles have tried in vain to pull one off. If you’d like to train your way toward it, you should seek the advice of the German Skittles Association (Deutscher Kegler-Bund, DKB).


German Chess Federation

Get your degree in the game of pawns, rooks and kings: If you like to play chess, you can have your moves and tactics tested and officially certified by the German Chess Federation (DSB). The renowned umbrella organization was first founded in 1874 – today, with approximately 100,000 members, it is one of the largest chess organizations in the world.


German Shooting Confederation

On target: the German Shooting Confederation (Deutscher Schützenbund, DSB) keeps up a long tradition; since time out of mind human beings have hunted with long-range weapons. Nowadays recreational hunters aim for cups and medals.


German Dance Sport Association

From waltzing to rock 'n' roll: dancing is less a question of age than of a sense of rhythm. On its website, the German Dance Sport Association (Deutscher Tanzsportverband e.V., DTV) harmoniously choreographs the diversity of dance expression.


German Anglers Associations

Did you know that Germany has no such thing as a “fishing license”? The website of the Association of German Sports Anglers (Deutscher Angelfischerverband e.V., DAFV) tells you what requirements you must still fulfill in order to practice this sport on the banks of lakes and rivers.