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Germany’s favourites

If you think that the favourite leisure sport in Germany is football and the favourite drink is beer, you’re mistaken. Here are 15 facts about Germany that are most likely new to you.

Martin Orth, 19.06.2020
Ice cream is a big hit in summer
Ice cream is a big hit in summer © Iryna -

The most popular first name for women in Germany is Sabine, followed by Susanne and Petra. And for men it is Michael followed by Thomas and Andreas.

The most popular baby names are Hanna and Noah. Emma is followed by Mia for girls and Ben comes before Paul.

The most common family name in Germany is Müller, followed by Schmidt, Schneider, Fischer and Meyer.

The most widespread place name in Germany is Hausen. Twelve municipalities and numerous districts have this name. The term refers to ‘Haus’, in other words a permanent abode.

The most common street name is Hauptstrasse which occurs 7,630 times. It is followed by Dorfstrasse and Bahnhofstrasse.

Hundreds of hotels are called Zur Post
Hundreds of hotels are called Zur Post © picture alliance/imageBROKER

The most popular hotel name in Germany is Zur Post , followed by Krone, Zur Linde, Adler and Deutsches Haus.

The most widespread tree species in Germany is the spruce accounting for 26 per cent of the tree population. It is followed by pine (23 %) and beech (16 %). Oak trees come in at fourth place (10 %).

The most popular breed of dog in Germany is the French Bulldog, followed by the Labrador and the Australian Shepherd.

The most common garden bird is the sparrow, followed by the blackbird and the great tit.

The most popular leisure sports in Germany are jogging, cycling and swimming.

The favourite dish in German canteens is Currywurst with French fries. Alaska Pollock with parsley potatoes and Schnitzel with fried potatoes follow in second and third place.

The favourite vegetables in Germany are tomatoes, followed by carrots and then onions.

The favourite kind of fruit in Germany is apples, followed by bananas and dessert grapes.

The favourite ice cream flavours in Germany are chocolate, followed by vanilla, hazelnut, strawberry and yoghurt.

The favourite drink in Germany is coffee. This is followed by mineral water and then beer. 


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