Maas promotes Germany’s candidacy for the Security Council

New non permanent members are to be elected soon to the UN’s most important body. In New York, Foreign Minister Maas has been spelling out why Germany is the right candidate at this juncture.

Vereinte Nationen: Heiko Maas wirbt für Sitz Deutschlands bei den Vereinten Nationen

Foreign Minister Maas travelled to the United Nations headquarters in New York on Monday to promote Germany’s candidacy for a non permanent seat on the UN Security Council. The non permanent members are to be elected on 8 June.  This is Maas’ second visit to the UN headquarters on the East River since taking up office. The German Foreign Minister took a clear message with him for his talks with Foreign Ministers and UN Ambassadors from around the world: Germany is ready and willing to shoulder greater international responsibility. 

Ready for more responsibility

Whether it be humanitarian assistance, disarmament or climate protection: Germany has a strong position in the UN thanks to its great commitment. Not only is Germany the world’s second-largest donor of humanitarian assistance, it is also one of the largest contributors to the UN budget. Furthermore, Germany plays a crucial role as a troop contributing nation to a large number of peacekeeping missions.

For a strong Security Council

As a member of the Security Council, Germany wants to work to ensure that the organ remains strong and effective in times of multiple international crises. Germany believes it is especially important that binding international rules that apply equally to all states are strengthened and further developed. The leitmotifs of Germany’s candidacy are peace, justice, innovation and partnership.

Source: Federal Foreign Office