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Pretty far right

The right-wing populist AfD wants to leave the EU and abolish the euro. It rejects immigration and measures to fight climate change.


Ahead of the Bundestag elections on 21 September 2021, let us introduce you to the German political parties that are represented in the Bundestag. In Germany, parties only win seats in parliament if they obtain five percent or more of the votes.

The party:
Alternative for Germany



MPs in the Bundestag in the period 2017-2021:
88 of 709 MPs in total

Historic figures:  -

Profile: The Alternative for Germany was established in 2013 and is situated to the right of the CDU/CSU. A right-wing populist party, it wants Germany to leave the EU and to abolish the euro. It largely rejects immigration and measures to protect the climate. According to the AfD, climate change is not caused by humans. The party is categorised as a suspected right-wing extremist group by the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution. Parts of the party are under surveillance for their anti-constitutional and right-wing extremist views. The authority estimates that at least 20 percent of its members can be attributed to this segment. The party is represented in all state parliaments and in the Bundestag. It is particularly strong in Germany’s new states.


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