“Our connections will remain strong”

Terry McCarthy is President of the American Academy in Berlin.

Terry McCarthy
Terry McCarthy Annette Hornischer/American Academy

“America is a country founded on ideas; Germany is a country of great thinkers. We share similar values—in our democratic systems of government, our respect for the rights of the individual, and our commitment to the rule of law. This common worldview goes deeper and is far more enduring than any of the political differences that inevitably occur from time to time. Our mutual understanding rests on the shoulders of many people from both countries who shared the same ideas and who, over the decades, have forged close personal, social, business, and cultural ties. These connections will remain strong, even when tested by turbulence internationally. It is clear that in the twenty-first century the German-American relationship will be central to the effort to foster peace and prosperity around the world—because good ideas do not disappear.”

American Academy in Berlin

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