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Unsustainable western exceptionalism

Humankind only has one planet, so the levels of consumption and waste that mark western Europe and North America are not achievable everywhere. The idea of development must be de-westernised, as Ndongo Samba Sylla demanded on the D+C/E+Z platform:

African gardening lessons

Whether people get nutritious food depends on public awareness. In Malawi, Slow Food campaigners are making local communities aware of the health benefits of indigenous food. The cultivation of traditional crops also makes sense in economic terms, as Rabson Kondowe reported for D+C/E+Z:

Changing stereotypes

Whatever global assessments one takes into account, women regularly appear to have fewer rights and fewer opportunities in Pakistan than in most other countries. Many Pakistani women, nonetheless, do not think anything is wrong with gender relations. Mahwish Gul explained the reasons in D+C/E+Z:

Getting public finance right

African policymakers must make economies more productive, gear them to sustainability and ensure that their own finances stay viable. As Dereje Alemayehu of the Global Alliance for Tax Justice argued in a D+C/E+Z interview, they need comprehensive development strategies – and a favourable international environment would help.