German history after 1945

Deutsche Geschichte
Foundation of the German empire, world wars, division and reunification – Germany’s road to unity and freedom.


The History of Germany

These links can be used to research historical developments and documents on the history of Germany from its beginnings up until the present day.

What remembrance needs

How can the Holocaust remain tangible for today’s young people? A Europe-wide remembrance programme has some interesting ideas.
Nationalhymne von Deutschland
Germany at a glance

German National Anthem

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Fridays for Future: Protestbewegung in Deutschland
Let us explain

Demonstrating for change

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Feier anlässlich der Fall der Mauer am Brandenburger Tor

The fall of the Wall and German reunification

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A process without historical precedent

A process without historical precedent

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Burg Eltz

Germany history up to 1945

From the early Middle Ages and the era of religious schism to the catastrophes of the twentieth century and the founding of the Federal Republic of Germany: the various stages of German history