EU to get intervention force

The European Union is to get a new military intervention force. The multinational force with up to 5,000 soldiers is to be ready for deployment by 2025 at the latest.

EU bekommt Eingreiftruppe
picture alliance/dpa

Brussels (dpa) - The EU is to get a new military intervention force that is to be ready for deployment by 2025 at the latest. Encompassing up to 5,000 soldiers, the force is part of a security policy concept adopted by the foreign and defence ministers of the 27 member states in Brussels. Among other things, the concept defines the crisis management capabilities the EU must have in the future.

According to Federal Defence Minister Christine Lambrecht, Germany has offered to provide the core of the new task force in 2025. Speaking in Brussels, the SPD politician said that it was important to send a clear signal that we stand up for one another. She described the planned intervention force as the "military core" of the concept.

Initial drafts of the security policy concept initiated by Germany had been prepared long before Russia's attack on Ukraine. According to diplomats, however, they have now been revised in light of the latest developments.

The latest version makes it clearer for example that the EU must also address nuclear threats and states that the mobility of European armed forces must be improved "urgently". On the other hand, one clause that was intended to enable cooperation with Moscow in selected thematic areas was removed.