German flights more punctual

Airlines have reduced their average delays in first half of this year.

German flights more punctual

Frankfurt (dpa) - The German and European aviation industries have increased punctuality in the first half of the year, Germany's air traffic control said Monday.

The average delay per flight in Germany decreased from 14.1 minutes to 12 minutes. The organization differentiates between original delays and delays incurred through aftereffects.

Airlines were responsible for 3.2 minutes out of the total average of 6.9 minutes for original delays, the European air traffic control Eurocontrol reported. Airports were responsible for 1.3 minutes of average delays.

The system improvements were due to several reasons, German air traffic control said: Airlines had more aircraft and crew on reserve than before, and staff had been increased at airports.

Air traffic control centres had also decreased the number of flights coming through air space with particularly high loads. German air space therefore recorded a 0.8 per cent decrease in flights in the first half-year.