Increasing numbers of highly-qualified migrants

Indians, Chinese and Russians in particular are using the EU's Blue Card to come to Germany to work.

Immer mehr hoch qualifizierte Zuwanderer

Nuremberg (dpa) - The number of highly-qualified workers who came to Germany on the EU Blue Card rose further last year. As the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) announced in Nuremberg on Friday, last year saw a total of 31,220 non-EU citizens come to Germany on a Blue Card, 14.6 percent up on the previous year.

The European Union Blue Card was introduced in Germany in 2012. It initially grants highly-qualified migrants the right to live and work in Germany for a limited period - providing they have a university degree, the promise of a job in Germany and a certain minimum income. A quarter of all Blue Cards were issued to Indians in 2019, followed by Chinese, Russians and Turks. A person who has spent at least five years living and working in Germany can qualify for a permanent residence permit.