Merkel defends restrictions of fundamental rights in Corona crisis

On Constitution Day Merkel described the restrictions as an "unreasonable demand" for democracy

Angela Merkel

Berlin (dpa) - On Constitution Day Chancellor Angela Merkel once again described the restriction of fundamental rights in the Corona crisis as an "unreasonable demand" for democracy - but at the same time defended the measures. The CDU politician said on Saturday in her podcast on the day the Basic Law came into force that she could understand citizens' concerns about the restrictions in the pandemic. She said that the government was not making it easy for itself with the restrictions on fundamental rights. "Therefore they should be as short as possible. But they were necessary, and we have justified this time and again, because we feel responsible for the dignity of human beings, as stated in Article 1 of our Basic Law."

Merkel went on to say that the corona pandemic posed special challenges to society, perhaps the biggest in 71 years. This makes it all the more important to respect the principles of the Basic Law. On 23 May 1949, the Basic Law was passed