More weapons for Ukraine

Nato member states are planning to step up their military support. Germany’s Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock has announced an informal working meeting of Nato foreign ministers in Berlin in May.

Mehr Waffen für die Ukraine

Brussels (dpa) – Nato member states are planning to significantly step up their military support for Ukraine. At a meeting of foreign ministers in Brussels on Thursday, it became clear that there had been a radical change in policy as regards the question of whether to supply heavy weapons to the country that is under attack by Russia. Only around a fortnight ago, such support had been ruled out at a special Nato summit. The main reason given at the time was the concern that Russia might also take action against Nato states in response.

The statements made at the Nato foreign ministers’ meeting on Thursday sounded very different. Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock said that Germany and its partners were looking at how to support Ukraine more intensively and in a more coordinated manner in future, adding that Ukraine had a right to defend itself. One reason for the change of course by the Nato states is the discovery of war crimes near the capital Kyiv following the withdrawal of Russian troops. Baerbock announced that an informal meeting of Nato foreign ministers would be held in Berlin in May to discuss further arrangements for dealing with Russia's war against Ukraine. This meeting will also focus on strengthening the defence capabilities of the alliance states and on better securing the south-eastern flank of the alliance.