"The Flaneur" exhibition

The Kunstmuseum Bonn looks at the art of going for a stroll with some 160 works from 65 top-name artists.

"The Flaneur" exhibition

Bonn (dpa) - The dandy aimlessly strolling down the street, gentlemen reading newspapers in the public park, elegantly-dressed ladies with ornate hats peering into a store window: The Kunstmuseum Bonn has made "The Flaneur. From Impressionism to Present" its topic in a major show opening on September 20 that features some 160 works from 65 top-name artists. 

Among them are Vincent van Gogh, Camille Pissarro, August Macke and Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. Museum director Stephan Berg notes that historically speaking, the activity of the casual stroll was linked to the development of metropolises in the 19th century.

Such a stroll has something artistic about it, for in casually gazing around, people would create their own subjective world, he said.

In recent years, scientists have observed a newly-awakened interest in going for a stroll, possibly as a counter-movement to an increasingly fast-paced world, Berg said.