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Wind power is Germany’s main source of electricity

The energy transition is in full swing: Last year renewable energy made up a much larger share of electricity generation in Germany.  

Wind turbines in Germany
Wind turbines in fields in Lower Saxony in Germany © Picture alliance / dpa

Wiesbaden (dpa) - Wind power pushed coal off top spot as to become the primary source of electricity in Germany last year. Just under a third of electricity produced in Germany (31%) in 2023 came from wind power, the Federal Statistical Office reported. Electricity from wind power reached a new high of 139.3 billion kilowatt hours. 

According to the Federal Statistical Office, 2023 was also the first year in which more power was generated from renewable sources such as wind, water and the sun, than from conventional fuels like coal, gas and nuclear. Renewables generated a new record of 251.8 billion kilowatt hours, equal to 56% of all electricity generated in Germany. In 2022, renewables accounted for 46.3% of German electricity.