North America


Interviews, coverage and background stories on Germany and its relations to the USA and Canada.

Say it democratically

Migration and education opportunities: How pupils in the USA and Latin America immerse themselves in German politics in a public speaking competition.

Pleasant bosses

Benno Dorer is one of the most popular CEOs in the States. And other German bosses are also very successful at large American corporations.

“A true friend”

Germany is taking part in the celebrations marking Canada’s 150th anniversary with a series of events entitled “Germany @ Canada 2017”.

Research in the once eternal ice

Extraordinary training: The German-Canadian research and training experience programme “ArcTrain” enables interdisciplinary research into climate change and the future of the Arctic.

Music breaks walls

The Dresden Symphonic Orchestra is playing at the border between Mexico and the USA – a statement on diversity and openness.

“Resolutely counter”

Donald Trump’s attitude at the G7 summit in Taormina, Italy, caused disappointment in Germany. The US positions above all on climate change and migration issues are controversial. Reactions in Germany.