Innovation and Technology

E-Mobility, Digital Agenda, Fourth Industrial Revolution and Made in Germany: current information and background on innovation and technology


Innovative and globally networked

Whether airbag or MP3 format, quantum computing or green hydrogen, Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft has been world famous for decades when it comes to research and innovation in key technologies.
Topic of the week: IPCC and Germany

A potential game changer

Solar tiles, green hydrogen, nuclear fusion: If you want to talk about the future, you need to know these technologies.

Air taxi!

The German firm Volocopter plans to deploy an initial fleet of ten to 20 electric air taxis in Singapore by 2024.
Topic of the week: Migration and entrepreneurship

Making it to the top

Successful careers in Germany: we introduce you to men and women who have pursued and achieved their goals here.
Topic of the week: Migration and entrepreneurship

Colourful and innovative

People with migrant backgrounds are a driving force of the German startup scene – we introduce four interesting firms.
Topic of the week: Migration and entrepreneurship

Opportunities for top talents

One in five startups in Germany is founded by an entrepreneur with a migrant background. Eight interesting facts on this topic.
Topic of the week: Disruptive innovations

Defeating dementia?

Germany is relying on disruptive innovation. We present four practical ideas. Part 4: anti- Alzheimer’s active ingredient