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Daimler is presenting the first fully electric truck at the International Motor Show (IAA) for Commercial Vehicles 2016 in Hanover.

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Ever decreasing fossil fuel reserves, climate protection and an increase need for mobility due to rising population figures make it necessary to rethink transport. Non-polluting electric bicycles, motorcycles and scooters are already flitting around German cities. They are to be followed by electric cars. So far, an electric truck has not been on the agenda. However, that could now change. With its Mercedes-Benz Urban eTruck, Daimler is presenting the first prototype of a fully electric truck at the International Motor Show (IAA) for Commercial Vehicles in Hanover.  


Ideal for city traffic with a range of 200 kilometres


Its range of up to 200 kilometres makes it just right for inner-city transports. After all, there is a need for a rethink in this sector too. According to the United Nation, over 75% of the world population will live in cities by 2050. They will have to be supplied with increasingly large amounts of goods while the maximum permitted levels of air pollutants and noise will become increasingly strict. Metropolises like London and Paris are already considering banning combustion engines from their city centres. eTrucks could offer a solution.


Daimler’s Urban eTruck is still hidden under black and white camouflage coverings. It is planned to present the design at IAA Commercial Vehicles 2016 in Hanover at the end of September 2016. Daimler says a market launch is conceivable at the beginning of the next decade.


IAA Commercial Vehicles from 22 to 29 September 2016 in Hanover




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