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Television, research and prices in Germany

This is where you will find a guide to the programming offered by the public and private television stations and all kinds of background information as well.

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Adolf Grimme Institute

What makes for “good television”? The Adolf Grimme Institute monitors the quality of everyday German TV programs as well as what the radio and the Internet have to offer. The renowned research institute in Marl in North Rhine-Westphalia observes the media, promotes young talent, organizes training courses and awards prizes.

The German Television Award

What do the German actor Uwe Ochsenknecht and entertainer Harald Schmidt have in common? Both were recipients of the German Television Award in 2001 – in different categories, of course. The German TV broadcasting stations ARD, ZDF, RTL and SAT.1 began to present this trophy annually in 1999 to promote quality in German TV programming and to honor outstanding contributions.


The times, they are a-changin’. Soon it will be possible to watch TV everywhere, not only from the comfort of your living-room easy chair, but in your backyard or on a rooftop terrace as well. Nostalgic TV viewers will be able to keep their TV antennas, but a few changes will be necessary.