Ten German universities among the top 100

These German universities fare best in the “World University Rankings 2018”.

Studierende im Hörsaal

Every year, the “Times Higher Education” (THE) magazine, published in London, compiles a ranking of the top 1,000 universities worldwide. Germany is featured with the considerable number of 44 research institutions in the “World University Rankings 2018”. And with 20 universities in the Top 200, Germany is the third strongest country. Ten of these are even in the top 100.

The ten best German universities in the THE rankings

Two British universities lead the rankings: Oxford defends its position in the top spot and is followed by Cambridge. The highest-ranking German university is LMU Munich, making it to 34th place. The Technical University of Munich (TUM) climbs five places and comes in 41st.

Asian universities on the rise

In the global contest for excellence in teaching and research, as well as for talented minds and grants, the traditional universities in Europe and the US are facing increasingly stiff competition: China and other Asian countries have invested massively in their educational facilities in recent years and have significantly diminished the gap, as the report on the THE rankings states.

“Germany continues to be among the strongest nations worldwide when it comes to education, but the country’s universities are increasingly under pressure owing to Asia’s rise,” THE rankings editor Phil Baty comments.

Criteria for the university rankings

13 criteria are included in the THE rankings, among them evaluation of research and teaching by scientists, the number of times research is quoted in specialist media, as well as the quota of teachers per student and the proportion of graduate students.