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Wide-ranging opportunities for volunteering

Be it overseas, at home or in the great outdoors: Opportunities for volunteering are numerous and varied. We present four opportunities for volunteering. 

AuthorSabine Giehle, 03.05.2023
Volunteer rangers help preserve nature.
Volunteer rangers help preserve nature. © AdobeStock / Robert Kneschke

There are numerous forms that volunteering can take. These four examples from very different areas illustrate just how wide-ranging the activities are:  

Volunteer rangers 

Anyone wishing to be outdoors while protecting nature at the same time may well enjoy volunteering in one of Germany’s many national parks, biosphere reserves or other nature parks. Volunteer rangers support the full-time caretakers of these protected areas, helping them preserve the natural landscapes. One of their most important duties is to tell visitors about the goals and protective purposes of a national park, for example. Proper training followed up by regular continuing education can help rangers achieve this, for example at the Black Forest National Park or the Bavarian Forest Nature Park. 

Opportunities for volunteers in parks: Ehrensache Natur 

Volunteering with the GRC overseas  

Be it in Denmark, Cambodia, Ghana or Peru: The German Red Cross (GRC) is part of a global movement that plays an active role in disaster aid anddevelopment cooperation in many countries around the world. Volunteers are needed in all of these countries - to play and learn with orphans, for instance, or to assist in a hospital. Missions are prepared during country-specific seminars and funding is provided. Furthermore, young people from other countries can do voluntary service with the GRC in Germany. 

Further information: Volunteering with the GRC overseas 

Bringing a little joy with a dog  

Anyone who has a dog and would like to bring a little joy to childcare centres, old people’s homes, sheltered housing facilities or institutions for people with disabilities can get training for themselves and their dog as a dog visitor team at the Workers’ Samaritan Federation (ASB).  

Further information: ASB dog visitor service 

Volunteering in digital projects 

Anyone who knows how to program or enjoys social media may find an activity that suits them at “Aktion Mensch”. For example, volunteers help pupils with digital projects or manage an Instagram account for a neighbourhood help scheme.  

Further information: Volunteering platform for Aktion Mensch