“A transatlantic company”

Stefanie Lemcke moved to the States and established an app firm in New York.

Stefanie Lemcke
Stefanie Lemcke privat

“I established my company in New York, but my first investors were Germans. Since relocating to the US as a technology consultant in 2005 I have always remembered to nurture my old networks and create new ones. And I have noticed how productive it is when the American zest for innovation and German “green” thinking meld. When we moved to upstate New York in 2013 I invented GoKid, a carpool app that helps parents get their kids to school so that each doesn’t have to make the trip alone. More than 200,000 trips have now been planned using the app. The equity backers include Village Capital from Atlanta as well as Deutsche Bahn; Bosch is our technology partner. We now have customers on both sides of the Atlantic. Some do it because of the comfort offered, others because they want to reduce the environmental burden. GoKid reflects my life. It is a transatlantic company.”

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