“Open and cordial”

Bettina Fleck is doing research at the universities in Stanford and Berkeley

Bettina Fleck
Bettina Fleck privat

“My time in the USA offers me a superb opportunity to make progress with my research. Many antibiotics have no effect against multi-resistant pathogens, which is why I am searching for alternative, anti-microbial medicines. In August 2017 I met Professor Annelise Barron of Stanford University at a conference. Our research interests make for a great fit, and in order to strengthen the academic interaction I successfully applied for a scholarship for the USA from the Karlsruhe House of Young Scientists. In America I’m not just taken by the research, but also by how open and cordial the people are. They’re all very interested, also in my cultural background.”

Karlsruhe House of Young Scientists

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