10,000 new IT jobs

The German economy should add around 10,000 computer specialist jobs in 2013. “No other industry has such extensive growth plans as the IT branch at this time – and this in spite of the overall decline in dynamism in the labor market”, Martin Wanslebel, the head of the Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DIHK), said to the regional “Ruhr Nachrichten” newspaper.
Every third company is looking to add more IT personnel in 2013, Wansleben said, adding that the industry is having problems securing specialists. “Nearly half of all companies see risks in their future because there are not enough qualified people”, Wansleben stated. “Four out of ten IT service providers are worried about losing the capacity for innovation and operational knowledge due to a persistent shortage of skilled workers.” Wansleben then said that the IT sector needs to do more to convince women to take up traineeship positions and university studies in the sector.

dapd; dpa/pa.