Aerospace trade fair begins near Berlin

The most important trade fair for the German aerospace industry, the ILA, will be dominated this year by the climate crisis and war.

Luftfahrt-Messe bei Berlin beginnt
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Schoenefeld (dpa) - For the first time since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, the most important trade fair for the German aerospace industry is being held as a face-to-face event again near Berlin: the ILA. From Wednesday to Sunday, around 550 exhibitors will be presenting their solutions for the future of flight and space travel in Schönefeld.

Besides ways of reducing harmful emissions in aviation, the military sector will be particularly in the spotlight this time because of the Ukraine war. The industry has its eye on the 100 billion euros of additional funding that Germany is planning to spend on the military. As always, the Bundeswehr will be the largest single exhibitor at the International Aerospace Exhibition (ILA).

Volker Thum, managing director of the German Aerospace Industries Association (BDLI), promised that the future of flying will be climate-neutral. For years, the industry has been working on electricity-based alternative fuels, hydrogen use and electric engines.