Cologne court ruling for 5G auction

In a setback to operators, a Cologne court ruling has now paved the way for an auction in Germany to award frequencies for 5G networks.

Cologne court ruling for 5G auction

Cologne (dpa) - The emergency appeals were aimed at achieving a delaying effect which could lead to a postponement or even to a cancellation of the auctions. With the Cologne court ruling the auction of frequencies can now take place on March 19 as scheduled.

The current net operators argued that the frequency awarding rules set down by the Federal Network Agency were unlawful. The firms complained, among others, that they would under certain circumstances be forced to open their networks up to competitors, thereby hurting the value of the investments they had made. The firms view the rules as an obstacle in the way of expanding mobile networks.

Competitors such as 1&1 Drillisch and Freenet had likewise filed an emergency suit in the court, but for other reasons. The court rejected that suit as well.

In their ruling, the Cologne court judges dismissed the "need for urgency" in the emergency appeals. The net operators principle proceedings were due to be started in a few months' time yet, after the auction is held.

5G is of major importance to industry. The super high-speed transmission will assure the transfer of data in virtual real time, something that would be vital for such future areas as autonomous driving or telemedicine, where even the tiniest delays could have fatal consequences. For private users 5G would play less of a role, since most of the current mobile applications are performing well under the fastest commercially applied standard of 4G and LTE.